All Movie Casting Members:

The Confession of Money


Julia Dietze is an french, german actress based in Berlin with roots in Marseille. In the last 10 years, she has appearded in over 55 feature film, best known for the female lead „Renate Richter“ in the international cultfilm „Iron Sky“ (2012), the 1920` Berlinale Drama „The love in thoughts“ (2004), the HipHop film „Little Paris“ and the female lead in the Warner Brother film „1 1/2 knights-in the search of the ravishing princess Herzelinde“ (2008). She is also a professionel trained dancer with education in Martial Arts. 2014 we can see her in her first american feature film „Bullet“ with  „Dany Trejo“ (Machete) and Johnathan Banks (Breaking Bad), produced by Robert Rodriguez.

Birte Carolin Sebastian is an german actress, known for, „Und morgen mittag bin ich tot“ (2013) and „Santa Claudia“ (2002). Birte is the role of the Sagrario Saldana in the upcoming span./ fr./ german coproduktion film „Capitan Alatriste“ (2013).

Conrad Goode is an American actor, screenwriter, film producer and artist. He has appeared in 22 films, best known for his roles in Don’t Say A Word, Con Air, Anger Management, Me, Myself and Irene and The Longest Yard. Conrad got his start in a Miller Lite commercial with Joe Piscopo, which ironically has lead to a career of working with numerous SNL alums, including Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, Chris Farely and others. Conrad has appeared in a dozen T.V. shows and notably Saturday Night Live, plus reoccurring on One Tree Hill season four.

Paul Sanchez come humble beginnings; graduating from the university of Hawaii with two degrees. He set his eyes on becoming and actor and travelled to New York. He earned a full scholarship to the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting and got his start in the role of „Doc“ in the academy award winning film Platoon, directed by Oliver Stone. He later went on to test his acting chops with other industry veterans such as Charlie Sheen in Navy Seals, Tom Cruise in Born on the fourth of July and Tom Hanks in Castaway.

Todd Julian is an actor and producer, know for A New York Heartbeat (2013), Twisted (2013) and Greater (2014).

Florian Kiml is an german actor, known for Zombies from Outer Space (2012), Zimmer 67 (2011) and Die Weiberwallfahrt (2008).

René Zimmermann is an german actor, known for Ironicity, Freiland (2013) and Tatort „Der Tote im Nachtzug“ (2011).